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Aletheia University [ Church ]



    The graduate school of Finance and Economics was established in 1990, aiming to increase students’ professional growth as well as analytical capability. Before 1997, the curriculum was designed specifically into two main groups--- finance and economics. Afterwards, the two main groups were merged and lay emphasis on industrial economics and financial banking. Dr. Liu was the first director, followed by Dr. Huang. Until now, 75 students have obtained their master degree in this institute.




    The main objective of this institute is to offer programs to meet the requirements of global economic competition and domestic economic development. Apart from theoretical discussion, practical courses are also provided. To achieve this goal, the structure of the curriculum design is as follows.


Aletheia University [ School gate ]


Basic Courses: Taking micro- and macro- economics as the basis for academic research; adopting econometrics as analytical instrument. The primary purpose is to apply financial theory to practical decision-making strategy.    


Applied Courses: The pivotal courses of this institute include:


a.       Industrial Economics:

International Trade Theory and Policy, International Monetary and Financial Economics, Industrial Economics, Monetary theory and Policy, Game Theory.


b.      Financial Banking:

Financial Theory, Financial Engineering, Financial Econometrics, Financial Institution Management, Risk Management.


Vision for Future Development




Students will enhance their ability both in academic research and practical application through courses specifically arranged in the target fields.




In addition to well-organized academic training, outstanding experts and professionals are invited to share experiences with students, aiming to reinforce students’ practical knowledge.


Career Planning:


Assistance will be offered to help students better understand the current status of the global market.


Aletheia University [ Oxford College ]