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課程名稱:國際貿易理論與政策(International Trade Theory and Policy




年級:一上 (上學期)

Year1 (Fall)




本課程討論重要國際貿易理論與政策,包含國際貿易發生的原因、貿易型態、交易條件、貿易利得及其分配、 關稅與非關稅障礙之效果、國際貿易對國內生產與消費結構之影響、國際貿易與經濟成長之關係。本課程將特別強調新國際貿易理論及其政策意涵之介紹,尤其是考慮不完全競爭、產品差異之貿易理論、策略性貿易政策等。








This course explain with the causes, the structure and volume of international trade with the determination of terns of trade with the gains of trade from international trade and how these gains are distributed with the effects of tariff and no-tariff barrier to trade with the effects of international trade on the structure of domestic consumption and productionwith the effects of economic growth on international trade and vice versaand so on. The emphasis is on the new theories of international trade. Specially, We will drop the two assumptions of the orthodox theoryperfect competition and product homogeneityand introduce international trade in a context of imperfect competition and/or product heterogeneity. Strategy trade policy will be examined in this course.